SH-NWS-V2 Intercom Network Interface

Dank der IP-Technologie geht das traditionelle 2-adrige Video-Sprechanlagensystem in eine neue Generation, das BUS IP hybrid network system.
The advantage of the IP network makes the system more flexible and versatile, more powerful system with longer distance and
Multi-channel operation. Therefore, the intercom system with the powerful IP products and tools is able to meet all types of applications.


· Working indicators
· Easy Maintenance
· Free of PC configuration

System Capacity
·Max. 32 Common door stations
·Max. 32 Guard stations
·Max. 199 subsystems
·Max. 6368 (199 * 32) monitors

System features
· H.264 / AVC video for small bandwidth usage
· Effective Multicast and RTP for media steam
・Economic 10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX Ethernet Interface

Use in existing BUS intercom systems of our production
All monitors and door stations of the DTBUS series compatible

  • Use in multi-family house and single-family home possible
  • Monitors do not have to be replaced by WLAN monitors
  • Monitoring the video doorbell
  • Control light
  • Weiterleitung des Gespräches über SIP Server möglich im MFH bis zu 32 ID Adressen
  • free APP
  • Market launch 01 / 2018

More technical information: here