Ringtone: the first impression counts

"Please ring the bell here!" Was often in the past, under the unimpressive button in the wall, next to the large entrance door. But even in times of innovative video door intercom systems, the ring key remains largely irreplaceable: it literally gives the impulse which triggers all further actions - and gives the visitors a first impression of the house into which they enter. You can also find suitable ring tones for your entrance door in the extensive online offer of Schickhandel.

The first impression counts - this also applies to the door bell. Unsightly models give visitors a negative impression of the entire house and its inhabitants. This is deepened even if the operation of the ringing button does not trigger any audible or visible effect. The range of Schick Handel includes ring buttons or bell plates, which fit perfectly into the surroundings of different entrance areas and ensure that the entire bell system functions perfectly. From the individual ringing button with conventional name plate for the family home to the bell plate with modern LED display, which integrates up to 128 participants in large residential complexes: Schick Handel supplies you with components that offer the right solution for every application.

Ringtone in the surface or flush version

We supply you with a weatherproof housing made of matt stainless steel. All models can be ordered in both a surface-mounted and a flush-mounted version. Depending on the model, flush-mounted ringtones require a section of one to 1,5 centimeter depth in the house wall. They always give the impression of inconspicuous elegance.

On the other hand, ring-mounted ring tones are easier to apply, but they also protrude from the wall in the truest sense of the word. Look at the entrance of your house and then use the pictures in our online shop to select the surface or flush version, which you think will leave the visitors with the best impression.

Do you have any further questions about Schick Handel's ring tones and bells? We are happy to advise you by telephone and answer your questions by e-mail. You can also contact us via the support button on this website. Do not hesitate in doubting, because as I said, the first impression counts!