Are 433 and 868 Mhz radio alarm systems safe?

A radio alarm system is a safe, fast and cost-effective way to protect its hard-won property, especially in times of increasing crime.

... and the times will not get any better

Statitisch gesehen werden in Deutschland alle 4 Minuten Häuser oder Wohnungen ausgeplündert .

2011: 129700 cases

2012: 144000 cases

Burglaries in Germany Statistics

It is not just a matter of finacial damage.

The victims of burglaries suffer in many cases also mentally, a burglary is a severe shock and a significant intrusion into the privacy.

Laut Polizeikreisen handelt es sich immer häufiger um Banden und selten um Einzeltäter. Viele Einbrüche werden sogenannten ” nichtdeutschen Tatverdächtigen” zugeschrieben und in Anbetracht der politischen Entwicklungen ist hier nicht mit einen abnehmenden potential zu rechnen

What is the difference between 433,92 and 868 Mhz alarm systems

Both are safe frequency bands with which the detectors communicate with the alarm system.

The difference is that 868 Mhz alarm systems are not susceptible to interference from external signals, such as a remote control or baby monitor, since the 868 Mhz frequency band is reserved exclusively for safety applications.

Remote controls etc. work in the 433 Mhz frequency band which in very rare cases can lead to disturbances of the alarm system. Sure enough for a full functionality but an 433 Mhz alarm system is nevertheless.