Sternverteilung Sprechanlage auf der Etage mit DBC4A1 oder von Hausverteilung zentral

Number of monitors less than 16
used cableA
in (m)
CAT 5 or 6,7 cable
(one pair / double increases the maximum line length)
non-twisted bell cable or similar
2 × 0,75 mm²
Twisted (twisted cable)
2x 1mm²
Number of monitors more than 16
Twisted (twisted cable)
2x 1mm²
Twisted (twisted cable)
2x 1,5mm²


For larger intercoms our recommendation is the star distribution over DBC4A1.

Please note for star distribution you should not connect more than 2-3 intercom monitors to a BUS port of the DBC4A1. Depending on the intercom monitor size, it may otherwise happen that the DBC4A1 switches to overload (DBC4 flashes) just when users turn on their monitors at the same time.

  • simultaneous operation intercoms monitor (single family house with Master & Slaver) not more than 1 monitor per strand
  • max. 3 monitors per strand bei 4,3″ Monitoren (DT43)
  • Max 2 monitors at T47MG per string only in multi-family house
  • max. 1 Monitor at 10 "(DT31MG)

In order to increase the cross-section, cores can be doubled, it is important that always the A cores and the B cores of a pair are used together to obtain twisted lines.

So not like out of laziness like to use a twisted pair as L1 and a twisted pair as L2 for the BUS, because L1 and L2 are not twisted and that halves the possible for the installation line way!

Please be careful when planning this will save you time and hassle!

Bei Türsprechanlagen größer 20 Monitore sollten Repeater oder Gateway,- Routermodule gesetzt werden. Lassen sie sich diese Anlagen vom TEC Support planen!!!