This monitor turns your 2 wire BUS into the IP doorphone

The development of electronic communication is gaining a little more pace each day. In particular, wireless connections via the Internet Protocol (IP) are becoming increasingly important - they will soon be standard in many contexts. Does that mean that the existing door intercom system with proven 2 wire BUS cabling must also be completely replaced by an IP door intercom system? A better solution is provided by Schick's innovative DX471 WiFi IP door intercom BUS monitor, which can be easily integrated into your 2 wire-bus system and enables wireless data transfer in the local WLAN as well as via app and smartphone almost anywhere.

In principle, the DX monitor is compatible with all intercoms produced and supplied by Schick and can thus be integrated into existing systems as a master IP door intercom monitor. This will allow you to access all the standard 2 wired BUS functions on wireless endpoints in your home Wi-Fi network, which are otherwise available in the traditional DT Series intercom monitors. If your smartphone is set to local mode, for example, the video and audio data of the door intercom system will be diverted to it. Of course, you can actively activate the door opener and the light switch, save pictures and videos on your SD card and even control the camera via the app. If you additionally set up a SIP server including the associated account, the DX monitor assumes the role of a gateway device: All these functions can then be retrieved using an app in addition, wherever perfect cell phone reception is possible.

Extend your IP door intercom by up to five substations

Upon request, we can supply you with the DX471 WiFi monitor with up to five further displays of the same size, which are wirelessly connected to the central indoor station as non-BUS-linked, so-called Wireless-Slave (WS) monitors. This allows you to add additional auxiliary stations to your IP door-to-door system in the reception area of ​​your local WLAN. The advantages: Especially in spacious apartments and single-family homes with several floors, you can almost everywhere retrieve the current data of the door intercom and initiate appropriate activities. You do not have to constantly keep an eye on the indoor station, which is often placed near the front door, because if there is no reaction to a ring signal from there, the call is automatically forwarded to all WS monitors. These only require a power connection via an 5-Volt DC power plug.

If you would like to extend the proven 2 wire BUS system to an IP doorphone via WiFi monitor, you should contact Schick Handel. We not only supply you with the equipment, but also all the technical information you need for installation!

BUS Intercom WLan Door Intercom System Monitor DX471 with WIFI connection

  • forward the call with picture and sound to mobile phone in the local WLAN (no SIP server needed)
  • weiterleiten des Gespächs mit Bild und Ton an Mobiltelefon Mobil (SIP Server benötigt)
  • direct calling the monitors via SIP Phone APP
  • Door opener function via APP
  • Monitoring the door station via APP
  • Steuerung Licht und 2. Türöffner

Basic system settings:

  • Select the correct Home Wi-Fi from the SSID list
  • Enter the password and you will get a successful connection
  • Installing a SIP APP (for example, Linophones)
  • Check the redirect account and password in the SIP Settings menu of the DX monitor
  • Enter the SIP account numbers and register them in the mobile phone
  • Anmerkung 1: Server- und Kontoinformationen sollten eingegeben werden, wenn das SIP-Konto des Drittanbieters benutzt wird.
  • Note 2: No SIP account entry required in local phone mode.

WS (wireless Slave) IP Türsprechanlagen Monitor

The WS439 and WS 471 models are not BUS - bound communication units BUS monitors of the models 471 & 439 and

function as cable - free Slaver monitors which only require a power connection 5 V DC plug - in power supply and via

WLAN to the main monitor.

Pro ID (Mastermonitor) sind bis zu 5 mobile WS Geräte möglich


Standard 2 wire BUS Functions like conventional DT Series intercom monitors

weiterleiten Anrufe (Bild und Ton )

Call up the camera in the monitoring function via APP

Türöffner oder Licht betätigen

Image Memory / Video Memory (SD Card)

Photo frame Funktion

How the system works:

There are 2 working modes for the DX monitor.

Dies hängt davon ab ob Handy ist mit demselben WLAN-Netzwerk angebunden ist
oder nicht, und der DX-Master-Monitor kann als eine Gateway-Gerät verwendet werden

Local mode - at home on the same Wi-Fi network
• No need for SIP server and account logon
• Both the Wi-Fi submonitor (WS model) and the local mode telephone operate as wireless slave monitors

Umleitungsmodus – von zu Hause weg mit Rufumleitung
• SIP server and account are a must (a factory account is preset)