Stay connected with your door intercom by radio

When you are at home, the many advantages of a video door entry system are obvious: you can look at who has rung the bell, and then decide what further steps you want to take. But what happens in a time, which requires constant mobility and therefore no longer without mobile Kcommunication?

Damit Sie auch per Funk mit Ihrer Türsprechanlage in Verbindung bleiben, bietet Schick Ihnen als Innenstation diverse WiFi monitors compatible with all existing 2 wired BUS door phones. Via app and smartphone, you can now access and control them from anywhere.

You are traveling longer, but expect a delivery at the place of residenceor visit? Then a Wi-Fi monitor from Schick in combination with your smartphone gives you the opportunity to remotely monitor possible events on the front door and, at best, react directly to them.

Even if there is no concrete reason, it is always a reassuring feeling to be able to check and operate the domestic video door phone wirelessly regardless of location. The new monitors DX 471 and DX 439 are in principle compatible with Schick-Handel's existing intercom systems and can be integrated into these with the normal BUS ID address as master IP intercom monitor. In addition, in order to access the door intercom by radio, you only need to set up a SIP server (SIP = Session Initiation Protocol), which is indispensable for Internet-based telephone systems anyway.

Also operate the door intercom via radio in the local WLAN network

Often, a mobile connection to the door phone via radio is also very helpful when you're actually at home. In sprawling buildings or apartments that span several floors, you can not always be near the permanently installed indoor monitor.

Here it is a great advantage that the new WiFi monitors can be easily connected to the local Wi-Fi network. This does not even require a SIP server. In addition, the DX monitor connects to up to five wireless DS monitors, which you can place in different rooms in a larger home.

How to couple the individual components together to control the door intercom locally via WLAN or unlimited via the mobile phone network, please refer to the always supplied installation instructions. In addition, we are happy to answer your questions in our online live support!