No fear Mount in front of the doorbell

You have ordered and delivered a door bell system and are now considering to connect it yourself? No problem, because to mount a conventional door bell, you do not need any electronics training. This is even more so since you receive extensive instructions from Schick-Handel about the installation. For more demanding bell systems, please feel free to use our download service or our installation partners working all over Germany.

A "conventional" bell system initially consists of four basic components: The power supply is provided by the bell transformer or BUS transformer, which is often already pre-assembled and connected in the fuse box of your house. The bell button is placed outside your front door to the request of the visitors at the touch of a button to answer and forward. Third basic component is the doorbell itself, the BUS signal generator. You should install it in the hallway or in the most commonly used living space. These individual modules must finally be connected by - often also pre-installed - bell wires.

Door bell, voice and video system

In modern door bell systems, additional components are added as required, from the audio station to the door opener, to cameras and monitors, which are presented in detail in our accessories section, for example. All individual modules can be integrated into the 2 wire bus of the doorbell system by skilled amateurs. The connection plans and descriptions, which we will provide you with as a download, are of great help. To log-in, use the password, which is located on the bottom right of your invoice - in the interest of a fair competition, we created this area in a password protected manner. Should you require further connection descriptions at a later date in order to assemble additional modules of your door bell, please contact us for the current password. A short request by e-mail or via our online live support is enough.

Look at the individual components of your Türklingelanlage before you order here in our online shop in peace, study the supplied or downloaded descriptions and ask us all open questions: You will see that it is not a witchcraft, one modern door handle. If you still have any concerns, please contact one of our qualified installers near you!