Video door intercom door bell DT597 for single family house

Here you can find information about the stainless steel door bell for video trellis DT597 CCD

Door intercom DT597

Learn more about the DT597 CCD

The stainless steel doorbell DT597 CCD is equipped with a high-resolution adjustable CCD West angle camera.

The Videoklinsprechanlagen Türklingel DT597 is installed in flush mounting and is delivered including the necessary connection materials. The special feature of this video doorbell is that the intercom system is attached without the use of screws in the enclosed flush-mounted box. There is a special key which allows to open only with this key

Door intercom DT597 Installation instructions

The DT597 is connected to the non-polar BUS connector using a standard telecommunication cable with a cross-section of approx. 0,8 ² which can be found in the shop and accessories. But also existing cables, such as ring cables are possible. In the case of thinner intersections, it is necessary to increase the cable cross-sections of the cables by double the door intercom cable

Door intercom DT597 BUS connection

The door openers that can be connected to the DT597 video recorder may not have more than 12 V DC 300mA. For larger power consumption, use the potential-free contacts of the DT597 doorbell

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