The DMR18 door intercom system is our intercom model for the extravagant demands and technology in love.

The intercom model DMR18 has an RFID card reader and numeric code input for door opener control. In contrast to conventional multi-family houses and family intercom systems, the names of the residents are displayed in the screen of the door bell DMR18 (eg 01 for Max Mustermann) and the call is set up in the corresponding apartment by entering the code 01

Door intercom with video LCD and RFID DMR18 menu

The names of the occupants of the interrogators can be created as an image file on the background image with suitable image processing software and can be converted into a UI file readable for the DMR18 using the Interpreter Simulator Tool which can be downloaded via our Tech Support. Please understand that we provide software only after purchasing our intercom systems, alarm systems and DVR video surveillance products

Door intercom with video LCD and RFID DMR18 rain protection

The DMR18 door intercom system is supplied in principle as a flush-mounted intercom system and is mounted with rain protection mounting frames.

All settings such as the opening time of the door opener, the call melody of the door bell, card management and diagnostic functions are made via the OSD menu of the door intercom DMR18. You always get from us with the purchase of this model their names as a first installation