The new video door bell DMR21

This station allows us to make larger plants up to 128
Participants and combines the latest DT-BUS technology,
modular design and functional design.
We will use this door bell station for the time being
DMR21 / S8, DMR21 / S4 / ID also in connection with the
Expansion panel EP / S12.
Later the stations DMR21 / ID / D16 (16 ringing button &
RFID function), DMR21L / D8 LCD screen for name display
, DMR21 / ID / D32 & D16 large doorbell station with large
Nameplates 2 single row and and in the version DMR21 / L / KP LCD screen and KeyPad offer.
The station is modular and the modules can be exchanged. This means the RFID module
can be exchanged for KP, LCD or Info module.

Auf Wunsch erstellen wir jede beliebige Front und jede Abmessung für ihre individuelle DMR21 Türsprechanlage nach ihren Angaben.

To plan their individual intercom front we use our Configurator or contact TEC Support

Funktionen DMR21 Türsprechanlage im Überblick

  • ARS 105 degree camera for high resolution
  • optional 170 ° 2MP Fish eye camera with PAN TILT function
  • Synthesis Language Reminder (individual prompts optional)
  • Large capacity (max.128 apartments via BDU);
  • Reliable proximity Access via RFID, key pad or fingerprint
  • Aktuelle Funktion LED Arbeitsstatusanzeigen
  • Various module configurations possible
  • List name via TFT display;
  • Compatible with all DT 2-wire system models
  • supports 2. Door opener via DT-RLC
  • Only supports plastering;
  • Sabotage screw installation

Pin assignment DMR21 door handle

  • 12V: 12VDC 280 mA Output power for door opener.
  • LK (GND): 12 V -.
  • LK + (COM): 12V + or Common contact of relay (depending on JP-LK jumper setting).
  • NO .: NO contact of the relay (see the diagram for the DT connection).
  • EB +: Exit button Connection port.
  • EB: Exit-Taste Verbindungsanschluss .
  • JP-LK: Für elektronischen Türöffner Sicherheitstyp -Einstellung (siehe Türstation sperren Connections).
  • T / R-: USB-RS485 communication terminal negative.
  • T / R +: USB-RS485 Communication Terninal positive.
  • Bus (L1, L2): non-polar bus line.
  • CN / KMB: Keypad module port.
  • CN / T-COIL: reserved.
  • CN / CAM: grounded.
  • CN / FUN: Push button sensor module or TFT display module port.
  • CN / WGN: Card reader module port.

Technical Data DMR21 Doorbell

  • Power supply: DC24V;
  • Camera: Color ARS; 520 TV Lines ;;
  • Usage: Standby 36.8mA; Working status 121.4mA;
  • LCD screen: 3.5 inch TFT 320 (R, G, B) X240 pixels;
  • Video signal: CCIR / EIA Optional
  • Connection system: 2 wires (non-polarity);
  • Dimensions: 316 (H) × 133 (W) × 46 (D) mm