Door intercom door handle for single-family house with keypad

Speakerphone DT601KP
DT601 door handle with codeDT601 door handle with code

The Türklingel DT601 is in principle the successor of the Türklingel DT596 and has some advantages but also some special features in which the DT596 door phone DTXNUMX is preferable in some installation situations.

The door intercom system with the DT596 camera has two door opener contacts during which the door handle DT601 has only one direct door opener contact.

Why this has been changed: In some installation conditions, a direct connection of a door opener or motor lock directly at the door handle outside station is not useful for safety reasons.

The new DT-RLC (available from 08 / 2014) has been developed for this purpose, which makes it possible to connect a motor lock in the house distributor

The DT601 is currently available in the surface-mounted version later also flush-mounted

DT601 Functions Overview

  • digitales Sprechanlagen Keypad weiß (Touch) zur Zutrittkontrolle (Türöffnerfunktion) und zur Einrichtung der Funktionen
  • Stainless steel case
  • Angle of view Camera angle adjustable Camera 105 ° Wide angle
  • stable stainless steel rainbow case included
  • illuminated counterpart name tag and keypad
  • Lighting time is adjustable the turquoise
  • Keypadton available (can be disabled)
  • 1 Türöffner direkt anschließbar 2. and DT-RLC im Hausverteiler
  • Rufton an der Türklingel einschaltbar
  • Lighting time adjustable
  • User groups can be set for both door opener contacts
  • Master code to 12 digits
  • Door opener time adjustable via door intercom
  • Temporary codes possible (delete according to 60 s)
  • MIC and keypad setting
  • Door opener contact 12 V 300 mA DC direct / or potential free max 24V 1 A
  • Adjustable sensitivity of the KP
  • ID addresses can no longer be set via DIP codes but via the KP
  • Umschaltbar von EFH Modus (ID 00-15 ) auf Mehrfamilienhaus jede ID ein Wohnung 01-32
  • Eingabe und Auswahl der Monitor ID