You should buy your video intercom at Schick!

As security technology continues to evolve, many video counterparts are now being bought, which are an important part of the locking technology. More than ever, the trend is towards electronics. Modern video intercoms and doorbell systems with video function also offer you greater security than a conventional door intercom system.

The biggest advantage of a video intercom system is obvious: You can see the visitor and can freely decide whether to be present at all as present, press the button or screen on the monitor of the intercom to let the guest in, or initially only by means of counter-intercom contact receives. When you buy a video intercom at Schick, you also have the possibility to record a picture or (with some attachments) even a video stream of the potential visitors during your absence. Thus, you are always up to date who has sought in when at your home.

With a video intercom, you buy burglars to cut off

Burglars often operate the doorbell at the intercom to make sure no resident is in the house before they gain access. Because it is for the Langfinger rather kontraproduktiv, if the video intercom automatically shoots in advance a photo of him. Often, the existence of a clearly visible camera is sufficient for deterrence, since no one can say with certainty whether and what it is currently recording. Video intercom systems also buy the owners of multi-family houses more and more frequently, because here the happenings in the entrance area is often much more confusing. This means that every householder has the opportunity to know in advance who would like to do it, and can, in case of doubt, deny access to the house.

If you buy an 4 or 2 wire-video intercom system at Schick, you can connect up to six cameras. This makes it easy to efficiently monitor larger sectors around your property. The use of an access control by means of a card reading device can also be combined with a monitoring system using a camera and a monitor. As you can see, the security options for private households or companies are now limited.