Your video door intercom: Please pay attention to the installation!

As with all door intercom systems, the following applies to a video door intercom system: The installation can be carried out in different ways. It is also necessary to distinguish between surface-mounted mounting, in which the spreading position is fixed externally on the wall, and the so-called flush mounting, in which the video door intercom system is largely let into the wall. Although this is considerably more complex, it has the advantage that the intercom system can be well hidden and can be mounted in a secure manner and also flush with the wall.

Another important aspect concerns the question of whether a video door intercom installation for a single-family or multi-family house is involved. This not only affects the number of ring tones at the outdoor station, but also the number of cameras and monitors that must be connected to each other in video door interphones. The necessary cables can either be routed from the house distributor to the individual monitors and to the door station by means of the so-called star distribution, or a cabling "in series" from monitor to monitor takes place.

Video door intercom: Self-assembly or external installation

Please also note that your video door intercom system makes it easy to install up to four separate door bell sockets. This is accomplished by a conventional DBC-4A-BUS distributor. Larger systems that require more than four door handles as well as a larger number of cameras can be extended with a so-called DT-BDU-BUS amplifier. This is, for example, able to compensate for functional limitations due to excessively long lines, too many series-connected monitors or too thin or non-twisted cables.

All individual steps of the installation of your individual video door intercom system can also be found in the supplied instructions. Care must be taken to ensure that this is as accurate as possible and always connect the necessary cables. Most video door intercom systems also come with an integrated step-by-step guide, which you can use intuitively when you have power on the monitor. Should you still not be able to continue with your delivered video door intercom system, you can simply consult our online support or call Schick-Handel. Our installation partners will also gladly take over the installation for you if you conclude a separate contract with them.