Use local Wi-Fi for the door entry system

The innovative WiFi monitors here in Schick's online shop offer you many additional options for controlling the local intercom via the door intercom system or remotely using the IP telephony and an app via the smartphone. Here you can learn more about the advantages and background of this idea and can follow step by step, which individual aspects you should consider when setting up.

A large proportion of households in Germany now have a WiFi router, which makes it possible to network various devices without cables within the apartment and in its immediate vicinity. Now you can also integrate your door phone into this local Wi-Fi network - even if it uses a wired 2 wire BUS in the traditional way. The key to this is the DX monitor: on the one hand, it can be easily installed as an indoor station of the 2 wired BUS system and, on the other hand, it establishes the wireless connection with compatible end devices in the local WLAN. Here, for example, he transfers data from the door intercom system such as pictures and sounds to your smartphone without an intermediate station. In addition, you can install up to five compatible DS monitors throughout the house, to which the central WiFi monitor connects directly and wirelessly.

Access the intercom using IP - wherever you are

If you make internet-based calls, which will become standard in Germany in the foreseeable future, you will not only be able to transmit voice data from mobile devices. In the same way, the Internet Protocol (IP) also transmits data from your door intercom system, which you can then also receive and process on the smartphone at a greater distance if you have installed the corresponding app. Another requirement is the establishment of a so-called SIP server (SIP = Session Initiation Protocol), which controls each communication session using IP - whether the door intercom is involved or not.

To set up the SIP server, you must first select the correct name of your local WLAN from the SSID list that appears after clicking on the WLAN icon in the Windows taskbar. If you also enter the corresponding password correctly, you will receive a successful connection to install a SIP app, which is usually available as free software.

You must then save your individual SIP account and password both in the SIP settings menu of the DX monitor and in your mobile phone. Then you can also access the door intercom from your holiday via IP - and pretend to "uninvited" guests that you are waiting for them right outside the front door ...