DT-BDU speaker system BUS amplifier

In some cases it may be necessary to use a BUS amplifier DT-BDU + PC6.

There is no universal guideline what is too long and or how many monitors it may be for the BUS. In a complex intercom, this depends on many factors, for example, how are the cables, what cables, how thick, distance between devices, what models (power consumption &&&). With the DT-BDU such parameters can be compensated

For example :

  • too long lines
  • too many monitors in a row
  • BUS lines too thin or not twisted (wrong cables)
  • PS supply too low Signal too weak
Using a BDU amplifier for long or too thin intercom lines
Use BDU in many intercoms monitors possibility 2 to PC6
BDU interphone amplifier to PC6
BDU interphone amplifier to PC6
BDU on an intercom with PS5 / DPS supply

BDU use as a router and gateway for intercoms

2 wire BUS amplifier and router
Finally it's time we can now map systems up to 128 apartments into one system. Also
difficult cable routes in existing mixed cabling or with too thin cross sections
are no longer a problem with the DT-BDU / SH.
• For long distances up to 480 m
• greater intercom capacity up to 128 units
• Repeater mode
• Router mode for 4 Area
1. Too thin cross sections <0,6 and too long distances as Repeater
2. System Repeater for too long and too thin cables with multiple monitors