Door opener for video door intercom and door connection via external relay

In some special intercom situations it may be necessary to present a door opener or gate control (potential-free contact) via an external relay


  • they need two different (1x 12 V and 1x potential-free) contacts
  • If the switching load of the relay internally installed in the door handle is larger than 12 V 1 A (max SL 24V DC / AC 1A)

Picture shows connection of external potential-free contact for eg roller door or similar.

DS-ERL Relay connection to door handle / door opener with external supply

Picture shows the connection of a door opener to the door handle via an external relay with an external supply voltage to the DS-ERL relay. This is necessary when larger loads (> 12 V 1A) are to be sounded as this can destroy the internal built-in relay of the door bell