Türklingel Einfamilienhaus Video Gegensprechanlage für Einfamilienhaus

Hier finden sie eine Übersicht aller Außenstationen für Türklingel Einfamilienhaus und Video Gegensprechanlage für Einfamilienhaus in 2 Draht BUS Standard der Firma Schick in Aufputz Montage

Hinweise zu den Bezeichnungen der Türklingel Sprechanlagen Modelle z.B. DT 596 F KP

DT means digital BUS system

F Flush (flush mounting of the counter-spreader door ring)

S Surface (on-wall installation of the counter-intercom system)

KP counter-intercom with keypad for code input at the intercom door handle for actuating the door opener

ID RFID transponder chip card reader for actuating the door opener at the door handle

596 Model designation of the door bell

CCD = Image sensor TYPE of the intercom camera

SH-DSB1207 / ID / FE door intercom with RFID door opener 2x door bell button
Custom-made: zinc alloy high-gloss brushed (stainless steel look)

  • Fish eye lens 180 ° extreme wide angle
  • AutoSensor for night vision LED control
  • RFID Zutritt Kontrolle (transponder) 320 user cards
    • Kontrolle 1 Türöffner an Türstation, RLC Modul oder ACC (Wiegand) Modul verwaltet RFID Karten
    • EM card 125 KHz
    • 2 Masterkarte ADD und DEL und 4 Nutzerkarten enthalten
  • Zutritt Kontrolle Verwaltung der Karten in Türstation oder ACC Modul (Standard Türstation)
  • PAN-TILT und Zoom Funktion für Kamera ab MJ 2017 DT37MG V2 und höher
  • Motion detection with automatic recording or notification via optional motion detector (connection 12V / GND / PIR to door handle DT607
  • Surface mounting
  • stainless steel design
  • big name badge for 1-4 apartments
  • LED indicator speak / open
  • IP54 Protection class
  • 1 x Door opener directly at door station possible (potential-free or 12 V 300 mA DC direct)
  • Opening and speech indicator

Possible settings of the doorbell SH-DSB1207 / ID

  • ID Adresse Türstation einstellbar 0-3 (4 Adressen möglich ) Voreinstellung 0
  • Klingel Modus einstellbar Standard ID 1-4 Taster von unten nach oben (Mehrfamilienhaus Modus )
    • Gruppen Call Modus ID 00/32 Taste 1 unten 2-4 ID 16 (Ein/Zweifamilienhaus Modus)
  • Kameraauflösung einstellbar High /Low Voreinstellung High
  • Öffnungsmodus einstellbar Öffnend / geschlossen Voreinstellung öffnend
  • Öffnungsdauer einstellbar 0-99 s Standard 1 s
  • Namenschild Anzeige Modus An / Aus / Auto (bei Dunkelheit) Standard ON
  • Klingelton außen Ton AN / AUS / Auto Standard 1x Ton
  • Einstellung Nachtlicht LED AN / AUS / Auto Standard Auto
  • Einstellung Bild Anzeige Display Modus Switch Modus(zoom/Vollbild)/ Zoom Modus (manueller Zoom ab V2 Monitor) / Vollbild Voreinstellung Switch

Technical data of the door bell:

Power supply: 24 V DC via PC6 PowerComb or PS5 / DPS
Consumption: Standby 0,8 W under load 3 W
Kamera Linse: Color CMOS 2,0 Mega Pixel 1/2.7″ Fischaugen Linse 180° extrem Weitwinkel
Türöffner : potentialfreier Kontakt oder 12 Vdc 280 mA (interne Versorgung )
2 Door opener controllable: 2. on RLC
Mounting: surface-mounted with rain protection
Temperatur : -25°C ~ +55°C
Protection class: IP 54
Material . Zinc alloy (stainless steel design)
System: BUS system non polar 2 wire
Dimension: 176 * 90 * 27 mm

Türklingel Single-family house

SH-DSB1201S / KP fe

Sprechanlage mit

Wide angle camera

2MP mit Keypad

Surface mounting

  • digital keypad (touch) for access control (door opener function)
  • Door opener 1 can be connected directly to the door handle
  • Door opener 2 for more security on DT-RLC module in the house control / control via the BUS
  • stainless steel case
  • Intercom camera angles adjustable
  • stable stainless steel rainbow case included
  • Illuminated name plate watertight side-entry (new) color white
  • 2MP 170°h / v 130° Farb- Kamera
  • Keypadton einschaltbar
  • Surface mounting incl
  • 2 door opener can be connected
  • Ring tone can be activated
  • Illumination time adjustable and color of the KP adjustable
  • User groups adjustable 40 codes per relay
  • Master code to 12 digits
  • Door opening time adjustable via door bell
  • Temporary codes possible
  • Türöffner Kontakt Potentialfrei max 1 A Schaltlast oder besser 12V DC 300mA über die interne Versorgung (nutzen Sie unsere Türöffner Empfehlungen

• Power Supply: DC 24V (supplied by PS4-24V or PS5-24V);

•• Power Consumption: Standby 60mA; Working status 200mA;

•• Unlocking time: 1 ~ 99s

•• Lock Power supply: 12Vdc, 300mA (Internal Power);

•• Number of relay circuits: 2 (the second lock need external device to support)

• Mounting: Surface mounting

• Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ + 45 ° C

•• Dimension: 182 (H) × 93 (W) × 44 (D) mm

Türklingel Einfamilienhaus Sprechanlage ohne Zutrittskontrolle

Doorbell DT591HDD with wide angle 105 °

Video intercom door station

176 x 90 x 23 mm

  • Direct connection of two electronic locks
  • nur 2 Kabel zur Außenstation und ggf. 2 zum Schloss
  • 6 LED for night vision
  • 4 Außenstationen an eine Anlage anschließbar
  • Metal housing
  • illuminated name plate
  • Raincover inclusive
  • Surface mounting

  • DIP encodings are different from DMR11 / read instructions

  • Full stainless steel design with vandal proof function;
  • 4mm Plexiglas Cover for protecting;
  • Proximity access control;
  • Color CCD Camera with high resolution;
  • Name plate with background light;
  • Two locks by individual through EM card;
  • Max.1000 EM cards for proximity;
  • Infra red LED for night view;
  • IP55 protection rate;
  • Compatible with all DT two wire system models;

Detached house Türklingel Detached house nur Audio mit optionaler externer BUS Kamera

Door bell DT595A Audiosprechanlage option BUS camera external


Speaking house Türklingel Detached house


137,5 x 49 x 27,6 mm

  • Vandal proof Audiostation aluminum for single family
  • -4 Stations on a system
  • Raincover
  • expandable / combinable with external BUS camera DT Cam via module ERL
  • Status display LED Speak, open
  • 2 door opener can be connected

DT-Cam Intercom BUS Camera


Türklingel Single-family house

137,5 x 49 x 27,6 mm

  • external non-polar camera for Dt system
  • only for 2 wire system
  • only in combination with DT595A
  • also suitable for direct connection to SC6 modules

no longer in the intercom range

Türklingel Einfamilienhaus SH-DSB1201S/ID fe Türsprechanlage mit ID Funktion

  • digitales RFID Pad zur Zutritt Kontrolle inkl 5 Nutzerkarten und 2 x Masterkarten zum anlernen von max. 1000 ID Karten (Türöffner Funktion) und zur Einrichtung
  • stainless steel case
  • Door intercom camera angle adjustable
  • stable stainless steel rainbow case included
  • illuminated name badge
  • Intercom systems 420 TVL ARS Color camera 105 ° Camera angle
  • Flush mounting including mounting frame
  • 1 door opener controllable
  • Door opener time adjustable via monitor
  • unterstützt DT-RLC Modul (Steuerung Türöffner) über direkten Anschluss und Türklingel DT601 für 1. Kontakt (S1)und über extra manipulationssicheres BUS Relais-Modul möglich

Power Supply: DC 24V (supplied by PS4-24V or PS5-24V);

•• Power Consumption: Standby 60mA; Working status 200mA;

• Camera: Color ARS; 420 TV Lines;

•• Unlocking time: 1 ~ 99s

•• Lock Power supply: 12Vdc, 300mA (Internal Power);

•• Number of relay circuits: 2 (the second lock need external device to support)

• Mounting: Surface mounting

• Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ + 45 ° C

•• Dimension: 182 (H) × 93 (W) × 44 (D) mm