Installieren der Türsprechanlage von Monitor zu Monitor

For the installation of a video door intercom system, you can also use a normal ring cable that you have already routed in your building. However, the possible maximum installation length in the house is halved. In addition, there are different installation possibilities and connection variants in the house.

Aus diesen Gründen empfehlen wir dringend, dass Sie die Sprechanlage mit uns gemeinsam planen. Denn folgende Fragen müssen vorab geklärt sein:

used cableA in metersB in meters
more than 2 monitors
Bin meters
equal to or more than 16 monitors
CAT 5 or 6,7 cable
(always a couple)
4080Not to use
non-twisted bell cable or similar
2 × 0,75 mm²
3050Not to use
Twisted (twisted cable)
2 × 0,75mm²
Twisted (twisted cable)
2x 1,0mm²

Notice: In order to increase the cross-section, cores can be doubled, it is important that always the A cores and the B cores of a pair are used together to obtain twisted lines.

So not like out of laziness like to use a twisted pair as L1 and a twisted pair as L2 for the BUS, because L1 and L2 are not twisted and that halves the possible for the installation line way!

Please be careful when planning this will save you time and hassle!